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A message from the County Coroner

Sadly a life was lost at the lake recently.  A swimmer went past the safety line at Masters Beach and drowned.  I wish to remind all who plan on enjoying the Lake & all waterways to be mindfull of the dangers of swimming without a life jackets of floatation device of some type.  A cramp or other event can strike without warning.  The is still cold & with the recent heavy rains there is much debris floating & just under the surface.  If you are with someone who is struggling in the water find something to throw to them or hand them in order to assist in pulling them to safety.  If you are not trained or are without a life jacket yourselft it is very difficult to help someone in deep water.  Please always wear or have near a life jacket or other floatation device.  It can make the difference between life and death.  Have a plan & be aware of your exact location & scout the area for obstacles before you get in the water.  You can fnd water safety info through the Corp of Engineers, American Red Cross & 

I hope for a safe summer season for all who enjoy the Lake area.

Thank You,

Nora Powell, Cedar County Coroner

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2016 CCR Annual Water Quality Report ID MO5010763

The Current CCR is available at or call 417-276-5210 for a paper copy.

Storm Shelters Available:

Storm Shelters:  Per City's Emergency Management as of 4-8-2015 storm shelters available when sirens are sounded are at the following locations:

1. 1st Southern Baptist Church - northwest and south entrances.

2. Basement doors at Court House

3. Regular doors at jail parking garage.

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