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City of Stockton MO

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The City of Stockton is located in Cedar County in Southwest Missouri, sections 8,9,16 and 17 of Township 34N, Range 26W. The City is located about 22 miles West of Bolivar, Northwest of Stockton Lake at the intersection of State Highway 32 and State Highway 39.

The City of Stockton has many employment opportunities within its boundaries and surrounding communities which include banks, retailers, factory work, schools, offices, general services and self employment.

The majority of the commercial businesses are located near the downtown area, surrounded by residential homes, the city currently has no zoning.

Our climate consists of fairly hot summers and moderately cold winters. The average temperature in mid summer is 75.3 degrees Fahrenheit and an all time high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit occurred in 1954. In the winter, an average temperature is 34.1 degrees with the coldest day on record being -20 degrees occurring in 1959. We have an average precipitation for the area is 40.56 inches, which about 71% falls between the months of April and September. Average snow fall for Cedar County is 13 inches.

Stockton is located on the Ozark Plateau region of Southwest Missouri.

The City of Stockton has two wells to provide water for the community. Well number one was drilled in 1936 a depth of 963 feet. Well #2 was drilled in 1964 a depth of 1044.

The city has two elevated water towers. The North tower provides 100,000 gallons of water, and South tower holds 250,000 gallons of water.

The City of Stockton is currently upgrading its existing distribution system to help handle present and future water consumption needs. The city recognized the need to upgrade the water system by continuing addressing the Missouri Department of Natural Resource approved Master Plan for addressing pressures (looped mains) and line extensions.

The city is continually, working on improvements to comply with MDNR regulations for public water supply systems. By providing detention volume for the City’s chlorination system, a 30 minute contact time is now required for disinfection before water is released into the distribution system. Two new wells are being constructed beside the existing towers to supply adequate volume for the needs of the City’s residents and future growth.

In 2009, the new Waste Water Treatment Plant was on line. The old waste water lagoon system was not adequate to meet the water quality demands for the future and more so after the 2003 Tornado, with a history of non-compliance of effluent limit violations. The original lagoon system was a 5 cell treatment system, during storm water peak times the excessive overflow and sludge build up, resulted in the City not meeting permit levels.

On the existing lagoon site the new treatment plant was built the design that was selected was to incorporate advanced features for operator friendly more efficient operating conditions while being in compliance with removal of hazards of environment standards.

The plant consists of Headwork’s, an oxidation ditch, two clarifiers, for mechanical mixers, two aerators and anoxic basin, a pump/valve pit, sludge tanks and sludge will be hauled off and land applied.

In the fall of 2011, the City moved forward to over 17,630 LF of clay sewer tile, rehabilitate 60 manholes, replace 12 manholes and reconnect 110 lateral connections to minimize the inflow and infiltration of storm water into the system causing a burden on the new waste water treatment plant and for the town of Stockton to be ready for residential and commercial future growth.

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