City of Stockton is a fourth class city, Mayor -Board of Aldermen form of government.  City Hall is located at 1424 South Street across from Sonic on 39 Highway.


The voters elect these officials every two years. An aldermen is elected from either the North Ward or the South Ward. The Mayor is elected at large every two years.

* Mayor- Brandon Cahill 417-276-5210

* North Ward- Barbara Pate 417-276-1320
* North Ward- Katie Caudle 417-955-2282
* South Ward-Dean Higley 785-608-5628
* South Ward- Tiffany Jamison 417-761-9314
* City Attorney- Janae Graham
* Finance Officer- Vanessa Harper
* Deputy Finance Officer-Dana Dawes
* Public Works Supervisor - Jesse Jones
* City Collector- Vanessa Harper
* Public Works Secretary- Celia Fischer  

The board of aldermen appoint the following official.

* City Clerk- Vanessa Harper
The City of Stockton is fortunate to have an excellant group of people heading the special boards throughtout the City.  These individuals are volunteers and work diligently for the community.  They give attention to many aspects of the City and are vital to keep Stockton progressing.
Park Board: Maggie Bough, Marilyn Ellis and Becky Groff as President.
Cemetery Board:  Gary Simpson, Rob Fischer and Linda Betlock
Airport Board:  Bill Seitz as President, Paul Weatherly, Kevin Caudle, Michael Saathoff and Pepper Burns

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